Polat Law Firm is founded in 2005 by Metin Polat and located in Kayseri, Turkey.

Polat Law Firm professional attorneyship and legal councelling services for major Turkish international companies as well as individuals.

Polat Law Firm take a multi disciplianary approach to handling complex litigation matters and in advising clients on a wide range of legal issues.

Polat Law Firms practice areas include company law, criminal law, international business law, immigration law, divorce law, real estate law, tax law and etc.

Today clients are faced with unprecedented challenges as new laws and regulations are changing the way the corporate world works. Polat law firm has one of the preeminent corporate governance in Turkey.

We know our clients need answers and actions that will be effective immediately, but also advantageous cumulatively. They want answers and actions that recognize global trends and marketplace evolution. And they’ve come to know they can depend on us to see the big picture and the small print.

With expert attorneys and affiliated offices, Akkas & Associates Law Firm is one of the most experienced Turkish law firms in Istanbul, Turkey. Our clients access the powerful resources of our firm for their litigation, transactional,

Polat Law Firm is committed to providing the highest level of client services in a wide variety of practice areas. The expertise and specialization of our attorneys and the forging of a team approach to problem solving enables us to address and meet your particular challenge with the application of the most appropriate talents and experience.

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