Litigation and Arbitration in Turkey

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Litigation and Arbitration in Turkey

Litigation and Arbitration in Kayseri

Our practice in litigation is complementary to other professional practice areas, the lawsuits are handled by professional lawyers with highly expertise in attorney and litigation before all courts and committees throughout Turkey, these services include litigation before:

  • All types and levels of courts
  • Various departments of Board of Grievances
  • Committees for resolution commercial notes disputes
  • Committees for resolution insurance Disputes & Violations
  • Primary and higher Committee for settlement of labor disputes
  • Arbitral tribunals
  • All administrative committees of competent jurisdiction
  • Coordination and supervision on litigation out of Turkey

We handle all litigation and lawsuits procedures from preparation of the statement of claim which demonstrate disputes points and the assessments of evidences and proofs, prepare legal basis, prepare memorandums and arguments, arrange for the attendance of witnesses before the courts, as we provide optional alternatives for disputes settlement to achieve the clients’ interests by engaging as reconciliation mediators in various commercial disputes or as arbitrators.

Our firm serves clients more effectively and efficiently, meeting their budgetary requirements and involve attorneys with experience in other areas when client interests extend beyond litigation matters.

Being the best law firm in Turkey, for any issue require an expert’s opinion, the firm has the professional consultants in all fields of law to render appropriate consultation.

Litigation is entrusted with our highly qualified and experienced attorneys before all courts of law, judicial, quasi-judicial committees throughout the Turkey.

Businesses required timely legal advisors in Turkey for various matters concerning their operations compliance’s. For any requirements relating to advisories, we, being the top saudi law firm has experienced team of professionals to guide you in taking apt decisions.


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